Root canal treatment

When your dentist tells you that you have to got a cavity which is deep enough and you need to go for a root canal treatment. The first reaction that comes from 90%of the patients is of anxiety and grimace. Just a thought process puts you through a lots of pain that you don’t deserve at all. Root canal treatment is only painful if you make up your mind that it is going to be so.

With the advanced technologies like MICROSCOPE & CBCT’S, we not only save your time but make the procedure smooth enough. It actually be defined as pain relieving treatment.

What exactly is a root canal treatment?

The treatment which is carried inside of the tooth also known as ‘endodontic treatment’.

It is the treatment of pulporgan which sits nside your teeth and gives you all the pain and sensitivity as it consists of nerves and vessels. 

When it gets infected due to cavity/ tooth decay or gets inflamed due to any other reason,we carry out root canal treatment in such a scenario.

The root canals are thoroughly cleaned with special medicaments and later filled with a biocompatible material which remains inside your teeth forever and the teeth functions in a normal way.

Please note- All these procedures are done local anaesthesia, where the tooth under treatment is fully numb,so you don’t feel any pain during the procedure.

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Service Recipient Says

Very professional and super budget friendly. Dr. Nidhi is awesome. The reception welcome was very polite and prompt. Was a super duper experience. The fear of visiting a dentist has reduced for me drastically. Kudos and thanks.

Jimmy Roses

One of the best Dental clinics of Vadodara at a very good location. Both the doctors here are quite experienced and efficient. My treatment was done by Dr Parth Patel and it was very good and quite satisfactory. Clinic is very well maintained and equipped with all modern facilities and equipments. All the helping staff is also very nice and polite. They give you prior appointment and normally follow the timeline which is quite good. Overall a nice place and recommended one.

Bibhor Saxena

Best dental care given by Dr. Nidhi Patel Mam and her team. Actually I live in Kolkata and came to Vadodara to spend some time with my son. Was confused to whether will treat long pending dental issue at Vadodara or not. But after my first visit I realised they r very cordial and took decision to unroot the broken tooth and subsequently Rct and bridging done there. I am highly satisfied and also want to mention that the cost is very much reasonable.

Kalipada Nayak