Treatment of Gum / Flap surgeries

Gums plays a vital role in supporting our teeth and keeping them firm. It is very important for us to keep our gums healthy and disease free. Since it is a soft tissue and has a rich supply of blood,it easily gets infected with the intraoral bacteria. Healthy gums can be maintained easily by following proper oral hygiene and getting cleaning / scaling done every 6 months.

Advanced gum diseases also called as chronic periodontitis with bone loss can be treated with gum surgeries or flap surgeries.

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Service Recipient Says

I had took my treatment from Dr.Parth sir....I had a tooth which requires RCT but thanks to sir we could save this tooth from RCT .. Moreover ,after seeing my treatment and it's success my Father also took treatment by him ...and he is really happy as all the seatings were painless... Must visit for your tooth problems.

Aditi Jetly

Good to get root canal treatment from shree hari dental care as the doctor is friendly and he takes a good care of his patients. Thanks sir

Chandur Sajnani

Excellent work... .and take 100%pecuation ...of covid guidline..super safty major.. Thay are very co oprative &carinig.. Specialy..Thanks to ..Dr parthsir..&Dr Nidhi mam...all staff...🙏🙏

Tejal B